Thursday, June 28, 2012

Old Salt!

We had a great dining experiance at the new Beaufort spot, Old Salt!  What a charming place this is!  Old Salt is in the building long accupied by the Net House.  What a welcoming group this is!  I cannot wait to return to visit our new friends!  I am addicted to their strawberry vinaigrette too!  It is divine!
The atmosphere is great!  I love the renovation with all the tin and old wood!  The port holes and rustic light fixtures add to the feel of a salty sailboat!  Barbara, one of the owners was behind the bar during my visit but I understand she is often in the kitchen as she is known for her homemade desserts! 
The menu is wonderful! 
 The Old Salt Gathering Place
"Where sailors of yesteryear recount their adventures and tell tall tales!!"

Enjoy your Day, Carolina Style!
Jen Jen

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