Friday, June 22, 2012

Fresh Fish!

You cannot beat a dinner party with friends who bring fresh fish they just reeled in off the coast of North Carolina!  We decided to marinate the Mahi in ginger dressing topped with a little fresh parm and broil until golden bubbly!  It really was delicious served over mixed greens with roasted broccoli and fresh corn! 
I also prepared lemon asparagus pasta!  The original Pinterest recipe called for orzo but they were out at the Food Lion on the Island!  I substituted bow tie and increased the dressing amount especially the lemon zest!
One of my favorite past times is offshore fishing!  I am so happy on a clear smooth NC day fishing with no land in site!  The water is a deep beautiful blue!  When the dolphin are biting that is the most fun!  They are such colorful fish!  This is an old pic of me reeling in a dolphin!  My hair was growing back after Chemo.  This was during The Kelly Wagner Lady Angler Tournament before the start of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament
 So fun!  See my big smile!
In memory of the General by DJ Ray Melton!


Enjoy your Day, Carolina Style!
Jen Jen
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