Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trash to Treasure!

You all know I am a sucker for anything refurbished! I had the most fun picking out cool signs for Mears at market!  It was a hard task because I loved them all!  The company uses old hurricane tin to paint creative quotes and perfect outdoor signs!  I love the mix of color on the rustic tin. The first one is of course my favorite! We have this sign hanging in the window at Mears!
Happy Happy...All year long!
I actually just love tin!  My husband and I covered the ceilings with tin during the reno of our first home as a married couple, and to this day we cannot wait to do it again!  We loved the rustic feel it added to our little Cape Cod! 

Enjoy your Day, Carolina Style!
Jen Jen
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cocktails to Wedding Belles!

Wedding parties in small town NC are the most fun!  We are super excited about wedding belles ringing for my fairy Godmother's daughter!  We will be in South Carolina for the big day so it was great to get together with family and friends for a "Carolina Style" cocktail party hosted by the Sisters of the MOB in their hometown!  Dripping with Southern Charm, this party was a great success!

Best Wishes Sarah and Vince! 
We are so happy for you!

Enjoy your Day, Carolina Style!
Jen Jen
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Capital City Fun!

What a wonderful week in NC!  A great report at UNC from my "Rock Star" Doctor, John Boggess ignited several celebrations with friends in the Triangle!  Everyday cancer free is such a blessing!  I was so excited to meet my dear friend Katy for lunch at Southern Village!  I am so proud of all her fundraising accomplishments for cancer research as a Pink Pacer!  I also enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Vivace in Raleigh with two favorite sisters!  I can always count on great wine and something new and yummy at Vivace!  I hope you will visit this favorite spot at North Hills soon!  I recommend everything! 
We enjoyed the always tasty Capresse salad AND I am crazy about the Smoked Prosciutto with fig puree, goat cheese and arugula pizza!  There are no words! 
The girls caught me up on the fun news in the Capital City!  I love these girls!  I am so thankful for moments like these! 
I never leave Raleigh without stopping by Hereghty for coffee!  As they say,
"Hereghty welcomes you to the unforgettable place where dreams become reality and, for a few moments, the world becomes simply heavenly." 
This statement describes exactly how I felt after my cancer free update! 
If you taste one of their divine desserts, you too will be in heaven!  To make the experiance even more enjoyable, you can admire, as well as purchase artwork by Sharon R. Bass! 
I LOVE both paintings posted by Hereghty!

Enjoy your Day, Carolina Style!
Jen Jen
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mardi Gras, Carolina Style!

A fat time was had by all at the very grand Mardi Gras party we attended last night at the home of a Louisina native!  Our hosts made us feel like we were in New Orleans as soon as we walked through their door!  The decor was festive and the cajun food was as authentic as if in the French Quarter! 
They served numerous King cakes of course! It was fun to see who is hosting the next party as guest found the cakes trinket.  
They even had a "Carolina Style" Fat Tuesday Float!  The creative costumes were fantastic!  The attire suggested by the hosts was "OTT" for Over the Top!  This party as one of my favorite friends would say had "Swish"!
The legendary Pat O'Brien Hurricane made us all feel like we were in New Orleans on Bourbon Street! If you do not have the official mix like our hosts, you can make your own Traditional Hurricane! Start with 2 oz light rum, dark rum and passion fruit juice, 1oz of orange juice and lime juice, 1 tablespoon of simple syrup and grenadine!  Garnish with oranges and cherries!
We had a blast with WONDERFUL friends!
Joie de vivre!

Enjoy your Day, Carolina Style!
Jen Jen
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Towne and Reese at Mears!

We are so excited to share some of the favorite Towne and Reese jewels at Mears Jewelry Etc Etc!  We LOVE it all!  This weather is giving us spring fever!  Although we have not had a normal winter in eastern NC, I understand Mother Nature is sending winter on its way now!  We love the color in everything arriving daily!  If you cannot visit Mears in person, check out our FB page and the Mears website!   A gift wrapped at Mears will make everyone smile!

Enjoy your Day, Carolina Style!
Jen Jen
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone felt loved today and had an opportunity to show someone you care!  I often think VDay gets a bad wrap.  It is a great opportunity to take time to do something special!  A fun day that can be all about the details or a favorite tradition that could be as simple as a heart shaped pizza!  I found this special valentine cocktail on Pinterest!
If you do not need a love potion then Champagne is always a great start to a celebration!  I cannot think of anything better than being loved!  A gift worth celebrating! 
Fresh floweres are always a treat as is a gift from Mears! 

A huge shipment of Towne and Reese arrived just in time for Vday and we are in LOVE with every T&R piece!  I will share next!
 Sweethearts are a must and we love the cakes at Jennie's Beans and Buns!
PS...I am in love with this Tory Burch shoe!!

Enjoy your Day, Carolina Style!
Jen Jen
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mears has Cinda B on the way!

We are so excited about all the new arrivals at Mears Jewelry Etc Etc!  I am going to post them all starting with luggage!  We are so in LOVE with the American made line cinda b!  We are your cinda b headquarters!  Time for new luggage and a North Carolina weekend trip!  So many places to visit in NC!
This bag is awesome for carrying our favorite Goo standing up so it will not spill!
Beach bags are beautiful too!  Really a great bag for anything!  I love the rope handle!
We LOVE every pattern!
Press Release from Working Mother!  Yoga Magnolia fans will love the yoga mat carrier!
The weekender is perfect!
Love the garment bag for all our hanging things!  It was featured in a 360 West press release!  It expands to carry plenty of options which we all know is always necessary!

This is my favorite make up bag EVER!  The way the bag closes on top is so stylish!  You will love it too!
gifts press release!
Another Weekender pattern we love!
Southern Living Weddings press release!  They love the beach bag too! 
This is a great bag you can see on the cinda b facebook page!
I am sure the flat iron and curling iron bag will be a big hit!  It is the perfect gift too!
Time to start shopping, planning and packing!

Enjoy your Day, Carolina Style!
Jen Jen
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